What Is needed in a Home gym set Up?

Keeping fit at home should not have to be expensive. In fact with just a few items you can create the perfect balance of Strength and Flexibility.

So what items are important to keep fit at home? Well that all depends on your goals and the space available.

If you are looking at starting off on your fitness journey and you have a space that you can lie down and spread your arms and legs with space then your good to go. 

This space is typical of a front room in front of the sofa. In fact using the sofa as a tool can be great. Ok, So what can we do? Well using your own body weight is a great start to complete a full body work out. These can include and not limited to Squats, Lunges, Press Ups, Crunches, Plank, Burpees to name but a few. 


When you get used to these a great way to spice things up is to throw in some inexpensive equipment that can really take your training to the next level an really help with those increases your after. Take a look at some of the products that will help below:


Gliding Disks

These can add so much to your press ups and Lunges. Once in the correct position they will add a progression to your bodyweight exercises by firing up different muscle fibres than you would in the traditional moves. You will certainly feel the difference when trying these for the first time. They are priced at £12.91 and available for carpet and hard wood floors. You can buy them here.





The BOSU Pro is one of the most versitile pieces of equipment in the fitness industry. It has stood the test of time over the last few years when other pieces of equipment fade into the abyss. And for good reason. Take most forms of bodyweight exercise and even using weights and you can adapt and make the exercise harder. You can press up on the BOSU increasing your coordination as well as increasing what muscle fibres are used. Increase the difficulty in Squats by balancing and squatting or even lunging. Using both sides you can either regress or progress an exercise and all in the same amount of space. Fancy owning one? Take a look at it in more depth here.





This ring can improve your flexibility, core strength and balance all in one. Again this piece of equipment takes up very little room and can be used in the same amount of space as the other pieces of equipment above. A simple yet effective (and inexpensive) piece of kit that can really improve your workouts at home. At just £20.47 this is a must for your tool kit. Grab yours here.


Well I hope that the equipment I have mentioned above finds its way into your home as they really are great value and can greatly improve your workouts in the minimal space available as well as being inexpensive and movable. They take up minimal space and are easily moved from room to room.


Stay Strong.