About Us


My name is Ben and I have been in the fitness game for over 20 years. I started as a Fitness Professional working at some of the best fitness clubs in the country such as David Lloyd, Fitness First and even the flagship Equinox in Kensington, London. I own a gym myself so know exactly what equipment is needed and where to source it. Always practice what you preach. 

Me and my team now supply quality UK and USA made fitness equipment that distributes within the UK and Europe. We have been doing this for 5 years and have supplied some awesome equipment to some great fitness clubs as well as the general public.

We supply gym chains as well as individual customers with exceptional equipment and excellent customer service. We only stock and supply items that have been tested and have full safety approval, unlike some equipment that can be found on some marketplaces. (you know who you are)

So please feel free to browse and any questions give me or my team a shout on:


Oh and remember every time you send us a video of yourself using our products with a shout out, you get 1% cash back straight into your account within 3 days.

Stay Strong.


Ben Martine